What is it? What does it include? What is its scope of application? What is it based on?

It is Version 2.0 of a fully functional prototype of a professional computer-aided system for teaching English in an e-classroom.

By version we mean a complete hardware, software and network solution. The software represents an Integrated Learning System (ILS). It consists of several subsystems:

It is a face-to-face teaching system, which stresses on the communication between teacher and students rather than on their separation. It offers the whole range of educational services traditionally provided at language schools and conforms to European standards for quality language teaching.

The model can be applied for almost all curriculum subjects and facilitates cross-curricular links, but it is originally a Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL) system. It can be applied at all types of educational units: from primary and small language schools to colleges, as well as all self-study facilities.

It is based on

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