The teacher in a conventional language class is overloaded! Our system disburdens teachers and makes their work easier and, unlike other commercial multimedia products, it frees them of all technical obligations in class. Our system provides more time for the tutor to monitor and interact with the students and to think.

Teachers work much and get little. The solution is to facilitate their work which will immediately have a beneficial effect on students. Children read less and find school boring. It's because times have changed but school hasn't. The solution is to introduce the new media which will restore their interest in school. On the other hand present day industries require well prepared first level management and technical staff and it is its scarcity that places most hardships to businesses.

We are sure that our model will decrease contemporary problems in education. It will help teachers work less and make more effective lessons and will also stimulate children to learn. Suddenly school will turn into an enjoyable and desirable place both to students and staff.

In language learning the system creates authentic learning environment, which facilitates, simulates and recreates real-life situations and thus broadens the scope of acquired language. The prototype we propose is one step towards the wider application of the Constructivist theory in schools.

The history of our system is a continuous chain of attempts to overcome the limitations of the conventional teaching practice by digital media in order to attract more students, disburden teachers and maintain high academic level at a language school.

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