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If it is true that computers can display information in an attractive way, then they are the perfect media for instruction, yet still underestimated and mistrusted by educators and parents. So it is paper textbooks that are still generally used in classrooms despite the obvious advantages of computers. On the other hand, children are generally disinterested in education and the major reason for this is the aridness of paper media as opposed to the enticing digital interface on TV and computer screens.

From a psychological aspect language learning is probably the most difficult school subject since it represents a complex task for human brain: committing to memory words and phrases, learning rules and mastering productive skills. Language teaching is a subject with a low effectiveness quotient (teaching+studying / results) and I do believe that computer media can increase it dramatically. However creating a computer system is also a tough task, having in mind the diversity of media and methods used in language teaching as opposed to other subjects.

I have studied contemporary usage of computers in language classrooms and have created an original system for computer-aided language teaching. The system is not intended for unattended distance learning like most commercial applications. It is a new and original method which puts more emphasis on learning and the psychological rather than the technical aspect. As a result this system has no disadvantages compared to paper media.

Introducing a novel teaching system in society is maybe the most difficult undertaking. I am looking for a partner to cooperate with and exploit the potential of the new teaching methodology together. Apart from the obvious social and environmental significance the model ensures business development opportunities.

There is everything necessary to start a large-scale project on individualized computer-aided language teaching: the software, the instructional content, the methodology, experience and know-how. A special software application ensures the fast and easy creation of instructional content for language teaching - a lot faster and easier than the contemporary means.

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Please click here to watch demo videos, describing some sides of the computer-aided language teaching system. Take a tour around the site and contact me if you would like to join the project. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Penchev