Rough Diamonds

Our e-teaching system is the dawn of a new age of education. It is the first swallow which appearing in spring is a sign of the coming summer. The good times are yet to come, however there have always been pioneers to make the first step... To remind you that it's a long way to perfection we have here the pleasure to offer you rough diamonds from our music collection. Those are records, made by pioneers of the sound recording industry in the beginning of the 20th century. Some of these records were made on wax cylinders and the performers are legends in the history of world music. You can download and listen to the original performance of Pablo de Sarasate, Joseph Joachim, Eugene Ysaye and Misha Elman.

Among the most precious pieces in our library is an original record of Duke Ellington's voice, whose words we adopted as a moral credo. Click here to download the audio file (1.8 MB)

I often think of freedom as it was enjoyed by Billy Strayhorn, my writing and arranging companion. Billy Strayhorn lived by four major moral freedoms:
  • freedom from hate, unconditionally
  • freedom from self-pity
  • freedom from fear of possibly doing something that might benefit someone else more than it would him and
  • freedom from the kind of pride that could make a man feel that he was better than his brother.
Recorded in Performer Piece Size
1903 Joseph Joachim Brahms - Hungarian Dance 1 2.0 MB
1904 Pablo de Sarasate Zigeunerweisen 2.9 MB
1904 Pablo de Sarasate Playera y zapateado 1.5 MB
1904 Pablo de Sarasate Introduction et tarantelle 1.6 MB
1906(?) Pablo de Sarasate Zortzico Miramar 1.5 MB
1912 Eugene Ysaye Mendelssohn - Concerto in E min - Finale 2.9 MB
1913 Misha Elman Schubert - Ave Maria 2.8 MB