Contributors and Benefactors

These people have in their own way assisted us and have promoted the development of our e-teaching system. We hereby express our sincere gratitude to them for their invaluable co-operation.

Ms Maya Koleva Maya Koleva The cooperative headmaster of a local public school who has always supported our innovative ideas and as early as 1998 provided a classroom for us to start with e-teaching. Click here to see the evidence in our e-portfolio.
tel/fax: +359 66 804 792

Mr. Iliya Monev Iliya Monev President of Moni Ltd, producing metal processing tools and trading with supplies for industrial entities.
He and Mr Peev in August 2004 donated funds for the hardware equipment of the e-classroom and thus made it possible to put our product into action and film the events in our model.
tel/fax: +359 66 805 304
web site:

Mr. Peyo Peev Iliya Monev President of Alfrida-Peev Ltd, producing supplies for the perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food industries.
He, encouraged by his friend Mr Monev, donated half of the funds for the e-classroom.
tel/fax: +359 66 39684, +359 66 28833
web site: